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Aqualand Ale House Honors its local Heritage by Commissioned Local and Renowned Artist Duane Geisness to paint a Northwood’s Mural.

Duane Geisness is the artist synonymous with JEWELS OF THE SEA, who intrinsically captures the essence of nature and its beautiful creatures of land, sea, and air. World renowned for his wildlife paintings, Duane creatively interpreted Aqualand’s original heritage, as a local zoo, into an exquisite collage of local Northwoods animals. His canvas is a 35-foot pub counter displaying an angelic white deer lapping a drink from a lake where musky, walleye, bass, and minnows are navigating beneath lily pads. Frogs, ducks, chicks, and loons meander the shorelines of majestic color.  Utilizing acrylic and water-based primary solids and metallic paints, Duane proficiently and skillfully reflects light and illustrates the transparency of water. With an aggressive six-week timeline, 10-hour days were dedicated to sketching the conceptual storyline, outlining and hand brushing layers and layers of paint across the canvas, with a finality of proficiently executing fine details of eyes and textures of feathers, scales, and fur.

Duane graduated from the American Academy of Art in Chicago, where he became
a master in acrylics and watercolor. He has shared the spotlight with some of the world's leading wildlife artists, including Robert Bateman, Carl Brenders, and John Seerey-Lester. To practically understand his subjects, Duane canoes through the Canadian wilderness, backpacks the trails of the Bighorn in Wyoming, and scuba dives in Maui to bring images to life through his paintings. Duane’s gallery is located downtown Boulder Junction and is filled with numerous Wildlife and Jewels of the Sea paintings.

See for yourself this extraordinary mural at Aqualand Ale House located at 10450 Main Street, off County K, a family-friendly restaurant with great food, beer & wine, live music, trivia, and good company.

Phone: 630.621.6454

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Duane Geisness 


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